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The Candy Land Christmas Family Room Part 2

The Candy Land Christmas Family Room Part 3: Slip Covers and Tutus

December 13, 2016 Holidays, Home Decor

The Candy Land Christmas Part 3: Slip Covers and Tutus for Christmas! 

I wish all of you could have seen the look on my face when I put the new Christmas Slip Covers and Tutu in place………….I might have squealed; I was so excited!!

Slip Covers on the chairs and a Tutu around the couch ranks as one of the most brilliant holiday ideas ever!! Think about it, unless you are totally monochromatic it is difficult to make a room go from the oranges and blacks of Halloween to the colors of Christmas with just accessories!  I launched the idea this year for Halloween (see my Halloween post here!) and I loved them so much I knew I had to do it again for Christmas! Now all the seasonal accessories flow together with the furniture in a totally fabulous yet unexpected way!


The Slip Covers

I have my slip covers professionally made…but if you’re a pro-seamstress then this would definitely be a fun project for you! My favorite place to look for fun and unique fabrics is Etsy! Offering merchandise from vendors  all over the world, there are SO many fun options to choose from!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and have fun with it!! I would suggest picking your color palette first and then search for 3-5 different fabric designs (you can also add a neutral like white or cream) and mix and match them throughout the room!  For my large chairs below, I used a cute Pink and White Small Chevron Fabric and then added a Tiffany Blue and Red Stripe Trim and a Faux Fur Trim to the bottom!!

I dressed the chairs with custom pillows because I had a vision in my mind and couldn’t find the perfect pillows. This way instead of getting a pillow I kind-of-liked….I made one that I love! The pillow below is made with a cute Gingerbread Fabric and then cozied up with more faux fur. WOW! I think these chairs turned out so CUTE I can hardly stand it!!!




To move the cuteness around the room while keeping it all consistent, I used the Gingerbread Fabric as the base fabric on these accent chairs, carried just a splash of the Tiffany Blue and Red Stripe Trim, used the Faux Fur Trim again (I LOVE THIS FUR TRIM) and then added a pink and white candy cane stripe fabric as a new twist!

Topping these chairs off with peppermint candy pillows makes them almost lickable :))christmas_mainroom_316



Finally, to add some Christmas cheer to these side chairs, I had a simple Peppermint Candy Cane slip cover made! Although I introduced a new fabric, it was kept consistent because I tied in the Faux Fur Trim again!


The Tutu

I received SO many fun comments about my Halloween Tutu that I wanted to be sure and share my Christmas version!!

The tutu is actually so easy to make it can be your next DIY project! As I shared in the previous post all you have to do is find your favorite seasonal ribbon, grab and gather some colorful tulle, and sew the two together in a straight line!! Simply add the trim to the couch with some straight pins, and ta-dah!! Your couch is now the most adorable in the city!!





I added a coordinating throw on the couch to make the pillows pop and guess what I used for pillows? YES! The chair covers from my breakfast room! I had a few extra so I just stuffed them with a filler and they tied both rooms together seamlessly!christmas_mainroom_245

Well friends… we did it!!!! I hope you’ve loved reading all about my Candy Land Christmas Family Room and learned some fun new tips and tricks!! If you want to replicate these slip covers, I’ve linked the fabrics for you to shop below!


I’d love to see pictures and possibly even post them if any of you make your own holiday slipcovers or tutus!!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hugs…. Jennifer

  1. Candi says:

    Just how rich are you? No hating ,totally jealous actually ! I’m trying to recreate as much of this as I can on a middle class income. I’m pretty crafty so I’m doing a lot of work myself . I absolutely love your house !!!!