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4th of July... Happy Birthday Uncle Sam!

Independence Day Decor… Done!

June 23, 2017 Holidays, Home Decor, Party

Since we’ve already set the tone with our first 4th of July post, showing the walk-up and  front porch, we now want to finish our Independence Day Decor by saying…

Come On In!!

The Foyer!

As usual, whenever I am creating a new holiday look, I “borrow” furniture from other rooms in the house so as to keep the color scheme on point! I needed white furniture and couldn’t decide between the white love seat in my bedroom and the white chairs from the living room! I opted for the chairs because they were a lot easier (and closer) to move – Giggle 🙂

They are PERFECT!

When possible, ALWAYS use fresh flowers in the foyer!! I’m crazy about hydrangeas and the blue ones are awesome with our Americana theme!! I simply added in a few (ok, more than a few) American flags to spice up the arrangement!  I also LOVE that I was able to display a photo of my parents from when they were serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Nauvoo, Illinois!! They were part of a performing group and their costumes are just perfect with our look!!

Ok, how stinkin’ cute did the wall turn out?? I wanted to do something beefy enough to fill the space but didn’t have a lot of time so I thought, “Get the kids involved!” This was seriously the easiest, “give-you-the most-credit” DYI project ever!! It’s made out of paper plates (with an occasional cardboard cutout) connected together with paperclips that have been opened up! Brilliant :)…

And my husband is so happy there is nothing to store when I take it down (I’m seriously having storage issues!)

Throwing this throw 🙂 over the chair, and adding more flags by the legs, gave it just the touch it needed to go from an elegant living room chair to a classy “dressed-down” chair.

I love these pillows! Sometimes pictures just don’t do it justice… That is the case here as these are actually made with thousands of beads sewn on to look like fireworks!! So fun!

Once again, my friend Clara from claranicoleshescraftytoo came up from San Antonio to put together this amazing 4th of July Arch!!!! She even did a time-lapse video of the assembly! Check her out! As with me, she collects her decor over the years but she said she got most of the accessories for this arch at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and even the Dollar Store!!

Here is a list of several of the items shown in the foyer if you are interested!

Americana Fireworks Pillow

American Flag Throw

Red White and Blue Striped Candle

Artificial Pine Archway

The Loggia!

(As Fancy Nancy would say, “That’s a fancy word for the back porch!”)

Blue Vintage Rug

Gumball Machine (Currently 50% off plus an additional 20% off if you use code: TCL20 at checkout!)

Americana Fireworks Pillow

Setting the Table!

For this table, I went with anything Red, White or Blue!! The placemats are actually from my Thanksgiving “kids table” last year – and they work great :).

I also always love to have a lighted candle at a sit-down meal so I try to always include at least one! For some reason it seems to calm my kids down a little and turns a regular meal into an “event”!!

Festive Flag Beaded Table Runner

American Flag Beaded Coaster Set

Americana Star Serving Bowl Set

Red, White and Blue Spray Napkin Rings

Fireworks Painted Wine Glass

Silver Candle Lanterns (similar)

Of course, I just had to dress my Johnny and June replica swans for the occasion:).

The wreath around June’s neck can be found here. The bow was graciously given to me by my new friend Beverly from South TX Creations! Check her out! She has some really creative items!

I think these watermelon mugs are sooo cute! Unfortunately, they are sold out but I may like the ones here even better! The water pitcher can be found here.

From all of us at the Houghton Home, we hope you have a very wonderful 4th of July Celebration surrounded by those you love, eating fabulous high-caloric food!!!

Hugs… Jennifer