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How to Decorate Your Bedrooms for Christmas!

December 21, 2016 Holidays, Home Decor

As much as I would like to decorate my kids bedrooms for Christmas….let’s be real! Unless your kids are super tidy, adding more “stuff” to their rooms would just be adding to the clutter that already drives us crazy!

BUT I have the perfect solution…. make customized wreaths for their bedroom doors!

With the customized wreaths you can close the door if you want, avoiding the messes on the other side, but still look festive for the holidays! When I made these wreaths I thought about what each child loves to do and built around their unique theme!

My oldest son, Steven, loves all sports so I purchased a bunch of ornaments representing as many different sports as I could find! We have tennis, soccer, football, basketball and golf! Nordstrom is selling these ornaments for 40% off right now–so grab them while they’re still there!!

I then decided to use a simple silver-weave ribbon so as not to give favor to any one particular sport or ornament. : )


When making a wreath,  always start with the ribbon and weave it throughout the wreath being sure to twist it down deep to the base of the branches and then looping it out. Do this process over and over (varying the loop sizes) until you end up back where you started! Next, divide your ornaments into varying sizes and colors. Place the largest ones first, being sure to balance weight and color evenly and then work your way to the medium and then finally to the small ornaments!

How to Hang Without Making a Hole

My Brilliant Beyond Brilliant Hanging Tip…..  If you are like me you do not want to make a hole in your door in order to hang your wreath; so how do you hang it?? It’s so easy!

Simply take a large piece of ribbon and loop it around the top of the wreath creating a large “U” so the wreath is actually hanging by the ribbon (see photo above). Determine how long the ribbon needs to be in order to be at the correct height if hung from the very top of the door.  Then, take both ends of the “U” and hang the wreath by placing the ribbon ends on the top of the door (as in the 1-2″ flat-top-that-can’t-be-seen part of the door) and use a flat push pin to attach both ends of the ribbon!! Ta-Da your wreath is hanging!! You may need to use a couple flat push pins depending on how heavy the wreath is but it holds beautifully and preserves the doors do your bedrooms!


You can shop the ornaments I used in this sports wreath by clicking (double tap on mobile) on the small photos below!

My daughter, Tiffany, loves music, Tiffany blue, and cheetah print! I found some adorable musical note ribbon, some cheetah stockings and becauses she had just released her first album when I made this wreath, I also attached a couple of her personalized CD cases! How cute is that? I also decided to add dimension by rolling up some copied sheet music, burning the edges to make it look worn, and criss-crossing it on one side. To add color, I simply found some Tiffany blue balls and wisp floral picks and added them throughout!




My son, Tanner, loves the outdoors!!  He could spend all day fishing, hunting, or simply camping out. To represent his unique personality I designed his wreath using anything rustic or rugged. I love the toy gun used as the focal point! This is not a traditional item to use in a wreath, but when making fun personalized wreaths… think out of the box! For each of the bedrooms, don’t be afraid to attach whatever is uniquely them! For the “ribbon”, I actually used metal snowman garland!




My two youngest children, Sam and McKenna Kate, actually want to share a bedroom so it was a little more tricky coming up with a theme for their room. One thing they both love is the beach so I went with it! I found an adorable GIRL stuffed pirate-mermaid (who knew that was a thing- giggle) and then worked in the fish they picked up at an aquarium we visited on vacation. I also added a bunch of seashells they collected at the beach!




The Master Bedroom

Now for the Master Bedroom! Since we actually keep our bedroom clean… I love making my husband’s and my private space festive! Giggle : )


When I designed our bedroom I picked colors that literally help me exhale when I enter. My days are often so full of chaos I knew I needed to retire to a peaceful oasis!! So, keeping that in mind, I kept my Christmas decor minimal yet soft and beautiful.

My suggestion is to pick one or two areas of your bedroom and completely clean them off…that way you are able to create a completely NEW and fresh look! I decided to concentrate on the mantel and the coffee table. Other areas to think of are your side tables, headboard, or even your dresser! Just be sure whichever areas you choose you start with a blank slate so you are not just “adding more stuff”!










Hugs…. Jennifer

  1. Diana says:

    Really beautiful decor. I’d have to really clean up my bedroom before anything else in it! LoL How do you do all this with all those kiddos? Amazing.