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A Peppermint Christmas Breakfast Room

December 19, 2016 Holidays, Home Decor

Today I want to walk you through my Peppermint Christmas Breakfast Room!

But first…. can you believe that Christmas is less than a week away?! I’m giddy, I’m so excited!!

Back to the post… giggle : ) As you know by now, I love to decorate each room with a specific theme in mind. Right as you walk in you see my Tiffany Blue Christmas Foyer. Then you look to your right and see my formal Pink and Gold Living Room , walk further into the home to find the Candy Land Christmas Family Room, and then you’ll stumble into my Peppermint Christmas Breakfast Room! There are SO many fun ways to decorate for Christmas…so why would I ever choose just one?!

This room is so much fun to put together, and it’s also one of my favorite themes to stick with because it’s so easy! The pop of the red and white peppermint colors feel so fresh and crisp right as you walk in. You can almost smell the peppermint in the air!


My favorite decorative point of this peppermint Christmas room is definitely the table. How adorable is it?!










I did a post a few weeks back to teach you how you can replicate this cute peppermint table and light fixture wreath! In case you missed it, you can go back and find it here! I think a few of my favorite things on this table are my adorable Santa Stemware, Candy Cane Trees, and the Peppermint Gingerbread House! If you want to see where to shop for similar items for your own peppermint Christmas, just click the small photos below! (Double tap if on mobile!)

The best thing about this room is that there’s not just one focal point! There are so many fun places to look in the breakfast room and each time you go back you will find new details you missed before!

I love my little corner with Bruce the Moose and this Whoville-like Christmas tree! The table that the decorations are resting on is usually pushed against the wall, but don’t be afraid to move around your furniture in order to highlight your holiday decorations!


I’ve added a couple levels of height on the table with my Christmas tree and cute little Christmas frog statue! If you look closely on the table, you’ll see that i’ve used snow to help blend the display together! Snow is truly my little holiday trick! I add it to almost every table display in my home and it makes SUCH a difference!

Bruce the Moose is standing on the side of the table to watch over my kids and make sure they eat all of their veggies… giggle : ) And to pull the display all together I’ve added decorative white boxes with peppermint ribbon wrapped around them!







In the breakfast room I have a beautiful display piece that I love to decorate with new plates every season! It’s a simple way to switch up a beautiful staple item and add some new color into the room! Don’t be afraid to change things up and add something a little out of the ordinary either. The funky santa hat on top definitely adds a fun touch, and pulls it all together!





There are so many more fun little peppermint Christmas accents that I have placed across the room, and I figure it’s easier to show rather than tell… giggle : ) Take a look below, and I hope you love it!!












I have accumulated a lot of my decorations throughout the years, so unfortunately a lot of things are no longer available in stores. I have however gone through and found many similar items for you to shop! Go ahead and check them out below! All you have to do is click the photo (double tap if you’re on mobile), and it will take you directly to the source!

Hugs…. Jennifer

  1. Kate says:

    Everything is just “delicious” but I’m in love with your cupcake chair back covers! Did you make them?

  2. Joyce Tovay says:

    Love the moose